Performance has no text and needs no translation.

There are some interactive episodes where the audience is involved in.

All actors act in masks; peculiar techniques of acting are invented and developed by the actors.

Some musical pieces were composed specially for the performance; they create the atmosphere of character's world.

Duration is about 40-60 minutes.

The audience size is from 50 up to 1000-2500 spectators.

Age from 5 to 99.

Technical raider for the show.


They smile. They play the flute. They dance. They'll put you to sleep and tuck your blanket in. Hush, little baby, don't you cry. Or they'll punch you in the eye!

Five Moonsters establish their Moon order and in the end they put the audience to sleep, plunging them into a dream world. A lyrical and amusing show, full of sweet paradoxes of childhood time when there existed a magical world with miracles and snow caves under the blanket, and the dream was a space for play, walks and revelations.


A theatre of carnival culture, masks, grotesque and buffonade was founded in 1993 in Saint-Petersburg. It looks for the inspiration in the authentic Baroque dances, historical art of fighting and Medieval miniatures, and actually in everything. During their interactive performances everyone gets a chance to become a King, a Knight, a Monster or just an intrigued spectator.

The actors in their performances charm us with both terrible and beautiful masks, mysterious stories and magic, taken all from the best traditions of European Carnival

First prize

International fest «Narrenes dager».
Norway, 2007

Best show
Best actress

International theatre fest «100, 1000, 1000000 stories.
Bucharest, Rumania, 2009

Best actress

All-Russian fest «Harlequin».
Saint-Peterburg, Russia, 2010

Special award

International theatre fest «Zamojskie Lato Teatralne».
Zamość, Poland, 2012

Pandora 2017

«Dolls World» fund awards «Pandora»
SPb, Russia, 2017